What is Faalsa ?

Faalsa is India’s fastest growing online shopping destination for healthcare products. A company built out of a father and son’s passion for providing genuine products in the market. These days customers are being choked with harmful counterfeits.This could be the shortest possible answer when you come up with a question like ” What is Faalsa ? “.

A brilliant healthcare business is borne by chance

Enayatur Rahman, 56, and Alhanur Rahman, 21, decided to check out the health products’ section of a store during their routine shopping. Enayat, a seasoned diabetes trainer, and medical practitioner was immediately struck by what to him appeared like fake products. With the help of the tech-savvy Alhan, Enayat quickly identified that some of the products did not have genuine licence codes.

Father and son walked out of the Kolkata store with a resolve to play their role in healthcare by helping consumers get nothing but genuine and safe products. And just like that, the idea of Faalsa was born!

The company set out as a little hobby selling physically in Kolkata. It was a desire to help the society rather than make profits. As such, the duo did not initially put a big budget into it. However, due to the satisfaction of the few customers who would buy healthcare products from Faalsa at the start, the reputation of the company grew like a wildfire. Soon, the business needed to expand and thus was born the idea of selling healthcare products online.

Guarantee of quality of safe products

Faalsa brings together the top-notch qualities of Enayat and Alhan to ensure that our customers receive quality assurance guarantee at every turn when they decide to buy nutrition supplements online. Enayat is a self-proclaimed hard worker with a loathing for underhand tactics used by counterfeiters. He will go to great lengths to see to it that all Nutrition Supplements India customers get value for their money.

The sharp eye of the austere Alhan has to go through every batch of products to ensure we have only authentic healthcare products for our customers. Alhan puts to use his coding knowledge to run tests on all items in our stock to ensure they are in a safe and beneficial condition for our clients.

Freshness and safety online

One problem affecting health care products India is the sale of products that are spoilt or past their sell-by date. This especially affects people who buy nutrition supplements online as they do not have a chance to verify upfront.

Faalsa makes it a priority to only stock nutrition supplements that match the speed at which our customers are buying. We also have very clean and well-conditioned warehouses to ensure products remain in good condition until they are shipped to online healthcare product buyers.

This way, we avoid having to discard expired products which may either harm users or fail to give desired health benefits.

A variety of healthcare products to choose from

At Faalsa, we stock a variety of products to cater for all your healthcare needs. An extensive research on the requirements of healthcare products online India has equipped us with the knowledge of your needs. Whether it is oral health products, skin care products, hair care products or general body care, we have you covered. Our products are in the form of tablets, capsules, juices, and syrups.

We stock high-quality products for men and women. We also have nutritional products for energy, weight and fitness management. Just enter your regime here and we will show you the best recommendation to suit your needs.

Stepping out of the ordinary

We know that healthcare goes beyond taking care of your body, so we go out of our way to stock supplementary products for you. We have products to keep your house and the environment around you clean and safe. Let’s make the surroundings a better place for your body to thrive.

Keep your gardens in top condition with plant nutrition and protection products as well as soil treatment from Faalsa. It is as close to perfect as shopping for nutritional products online can get.

Maintaining your home floor, kitchen, bathroom, and fabrics clean also creates a friendly environment for your body to stay healthy. We have products for all these home care needs to go along with other nutrition and healthcare products.

Give yourself a genuine deal, shop from Faalsa today!

A popular saying goes, ‘ take ultimate care of your body; it is the only place you have to live in.’ When shopping for nutritional products online, it is important that you insist on genuine and high-quality products. Quality and safety are our core principles at Faalsa. That is why we are the fastest growing online shopping destination for healthcare products in India.

Try Faalsa today!

In case you want fast results or having serious issues you can consult our team of experts to know more uses and combinations of the products available in our store.

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