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Stabilized Ayurvedic Allicin (Sugar Management)

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On and On Diabalife Capsules Contain 100% Stabilized Allicin.

This novel formulation of On and On Diabalife contains well-known Ayurveda actives like Gudmar, Areca nut, and Neem indicated in Ayurveda to work in metabolic syndrome.
Published scientific studies have corroborated these benefits in human subjects. Regular consumption of the herbs present in this product is known to help by managing the body’s natural sugar management process and help build immunity from common ailments.


On and On Diabalife Dosage?

Consume it along with your regular medication ensuring that you are keeping a minimum gap of 1 hour between your regular medications and On and On Diabalife Dosage.
For best results, recommended regular consumption for 60 days of Dibalife Dosage opts.


How is On and On Diabalife different from the current product?

New On and On Diabalife is different in composition from the current On and On Diabalife as more new ingredients have been added to improve the functioning benefit of the product.


How is Diabalife different from other products in the market?

It is one of those few products in the market for sugar management that contains 100% stabilized allicin along with scientifically proven and ingredients known in Ayurveda in a novel potent combination, packed in 100% vegetarian capsules


Is Diabalife and new Diabalife the same?

None of the earlier ingredients in the composition has been removed and all of them continue to be present in the new product. The content of the product (capsule) has gone up to 510mg from 210mg earlier.


Is the Allicin same as earlier?

Moreover, the new product contains the same stabilized Allicin at the same level as was present in the earlier product. It may be noted that scientifically proven and known Ayurveda ingredients that promote efficacy in diabetic persons namely Gudmar, neem and areca nut have been added to enhance the efficacy of the product.


Will Diabalife work on HbA1C as well as Blood Sugar Levels?

Yes, there are many clinical/lab studies conducted on the different herbs in New On and On Diabalife that demonstrate action on HbA1C as well as Blood Sugar Levels (BSL)


Diabalife Ingredients

1. Diabalife is made of patented 100% stabilized Allicin which:

  • Stabilized Allicin does not get destroyed by stomach acid
  • It is not affected by body pH levels
  • Does not get decomposed by intestinal epithelial cells inside the human body

2. Cinnamon

3. Karela

4. Elephants Scaber

5. Neem

6. Arecanut

7. Gudmar

8. Cheera


Is this also for healthy and pre-diabetic person?

New On and On Diabalife capsules is meant for both prediabetes and diabetic customers. It is required to be taken by diabetic customers in addition to their regular medication with a gap of 1 hour between them. As with all products consumed by diabetics periodical determination of blood sugar levels and HbA1C is recommended and review by their physicians. It is not intended for normal customers.


More Details on On and On Diabalife

Being a vegetarian capsule, it is a well-researched Ayurveda Medicine made using 100% stabilized Allicin. It is a Natural Dietary Support for Diabetic patients and provides wellness for everyone. The medicine is an advanced herbal formula available in 210mg. One of the best advantages is that it does not have any side effects and it always ensures a healthy life.

Apart from stabilizing and controlling diabetes, Diabalife as well protects our system from several other diseases such as cold and flues. It comes handy not only for diabetic patients but also for those who wish to prevent diabetes.


What is Diabalife Really?

It is a research-based Ayurvedic Medicine made with patented active ingredient i.e. 100% stabilized Allicin. This is Natural Dietary Support for Diabetics and Wellness for All. Not only this, it is an advanced herbal formula available in the 210 mg pure veg capsule. It doesn’t have any side effects and it is a way towards a healthy life.

The amazing effect of Diabalife is that it not only helps you to stabilize & control Diabetes but also targets your whole system and helps you to protect from many other diseases, e.g. flues and cold. Diabalife is not only for Diabetics but for those who are not diabetic and want to prevent Diabetes & live a healthier life.

It is not normal Garlic product… in fact; it actually makes all Garlic supplements obsolete.


Actual Diabalife Benefits

The On and On Diabalife formulation has 100% Stabilized Allicin in it which helps to gain control for Diabetic patients, great for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.
100 % Allicin extract within the formulation also controls the HBA1C levels, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure and shows results in 3-4 months of consuming Diabalife.
All the agents included in the Diabalife formulation are capable of reducing HbA1c readings of sugar bound to Haemoglobin.
Diabalife’s active ingredient Allicin (100% stabilized Allicin) boost the immune system in the body which controls other factors caused by Diabetes and strengthens the entire body system by boosting immunity levels.


Is there any Diabalife Side Effects

The stabilized Allicin in Diabalife is the strongest and safest natural antibiotic known to man. It kills all types of disease-causing bacteria in you without harming any friendly bacteria or causing negative side-effects.

Diabalife is strongly anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. It has been scientifically proven in double-blind studies to reduce the number, severity, and duration of common colds. This can fight all types of diseases caused by harmful microbes.

It can help ease arthritic pain and swelling. Diabalife can be harmful to cancer cells. People and animals taking it are less apt to be bitten by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.
It is a unique formulation made with patented active ingredients and there is no such product available in the market which has 100 percent Stabilized Garlic.


How it Works in real mechanism

Diabalife works directly on the HbA1c level and helps to reduce and control the blood sugar level in the body.

Allicin is known for its special properties to gain control for Diabetic patients. It is super beneficial for Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes. Allicin extract also controls the HBA1C levels. But, the problem is that the Allicin is unstable, and changes into a different chemical rather quickly. Some manufacturers take advantage of this by ageing garlic to make it odourless. Unfortunately, this also reduces the amount of Allicin and compromises the effectiveness of the product. And thus the core health benefits of Allicin can’t be taken by consuming fresh garlic or any ordinary garlic products.

To avoid conversion while entering the body, Allicin is processed and stabilized. It is mildly acidic hence adapts to the environment in the stomach resulting in quick absorption.


Who can take Diabalife Capsules?

For those who have Type 1 Diabetes
For those who have Type 2 Diabetes
Those who are suffering from Gestational Mellitus (GDM)
People who are prone to Diabetes
People who want to live a healthy life


Why should we pick this product?

It is a formulation of 100% Stabilized Allicin and helps to gain control over diabetes.
Works great for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
The 100% Allicin Extract helps in controlling HbA1c levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and shows a positive result with three to four months.
Ingredients included in this, especially Bitter Melon has the capacity to reduce the HbA1c readings of sugar bound to haemoglobin.
Allicin in it boosts the immune system and strengthens the entire body.
Allicin that is found in it is one of the safest and strongest natural antibiotics.
It effectively kills all the disease-causing bacteria without harming friendly bacteria or causing side effects.


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