Mohammedia Kalonji Oil for Hair Growth

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Pack of  Black Seed Oil.
Kalonji Oil Pure.
200 ml Nigella Sativa Oil.
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Mohammedia Kalonji Oil for Hair Growth – The all-in-one solution to hair problems

The black seed is well known for its innumerable benefits since ages. It has been a part of Unani Healthcare system for years. This extra virgin black seed oil by Mohammedia gives a new modern form to and makes it available for all to enjoy its benefits. So that the benefits of the black seed oil is not compromised it is extracted through a process of cold-press. This method of extraction helps in keeping its benefitial elements intact.. The oil can be used to cure a number of health issues due to the presence of anti-oxidant properties. Keeping this oil in your household can help you and your family in a number of ways in the time of need.

Pure black seed oil extract

The manufacturing and processing of this oil is completely natural and organic. The oil is extracted purely from the black seeds. The main component of the oil is the distill from black seeds.

Cold-pressed extraction

The distill for procuring the oil is extracted from cold-pressing Nigella sativa seeds. The stress is laid on cold-pressing technique because it keeps the beneficial qualities of the seeds intact and provides maximum extraction

For curing joint pains

Black seed oil is known for anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving the chronic inflammation that comes with ageing.

Extra virgin oil

The cold-press method of results in yeilding extra virgin oil. The extra virgin property of the oil adds to its many benefits and makes it more efficient in treating respective ailments.

Medicinal usage

Black seed extract contains thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone in abundance. These two elements present in this oil makes it a great healing agent. Not only for healing but they are highly helpful in boosting the immune system making it efficient to fight foreign elements.

Adequate quantity

The black seed oil is packaged in an adequate amount of 200 ml packs/bottles which is sufficient for day-to-day regular household usage.


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