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Plant stress is the adverse reaction of plants to environmental conditions that are unfavorable to growth, such as lack of sufficient nutrients, inadequate watering, flooding, high or low temp., disease or insect infestation. There are two types of stresses such as Biotic and Abiotic Stresses. Biotic stress includes diseases or pest infestation whereas abiotic stresses are caused by environmental factors such as Water (drought or flooding), Temperature (High temp or low temp), Light (Photoinhibition or UV damage) and toxic chemical in the soil (salinity, alkalinity, heavy metal contamination, Insecticide, Herbicide and air pollution). Published research data suggest that Biotic and Abiotic stresses can reduce productivity by 65-87%. Focusing on these difficulties in Indian agriculture system Green Planet is come out with the latest solution based on European technology to combat plant stresses with the brand name “Powerplant Stress Out”.

PPSO is an advanced formulation based on European technology to alleviate the stress suffered by the plant under unfavorable environmental conditions. It is based on the advanced chemistry of silicon, when applied through foliar spray it forms a silica shield around the crop plant. Silica shield decreases water loss through transpiration, confers non-lodging and improves the resistance of plants against biotic and abiotic stresses.PPSO also facilitates uptake of all essential nutrients from the soil and their utilization into plant system to enhance yields.

The results of field trial on different crops show that PPSO improves resistance to wilt, resistance to water stress, and can help fight heat stress up to 1050 F. If the plant has excessive transpiration, the plant will cease its metabolic function and stunted or no growth will occur. It also increases reproductive rate in plants (bud growth). The correct amount of silicon levels in the plant tissue will increase tolerance of zinc deficiencies along with protection from excessive or toxic levels of phosphorus, manganese, sodium, and aluminum. This helps the plant to fight abiotic stresses.

Mode of Action

Powerplant Stress Out is based on the advanced chemistry of silicon which contains plant available form of silicon such as a mono silicic acid (orthosilicic acid). When spraying on plants; active ingredients of PPSO is completely absorbed by plant leaves and roots and silicon in the formulation get impregnated in the epidermal cell walls and enhances the plants’ ability to keep the leaves pointed towards the light source and improves photosynthesis efficiency. It increases the stem strength, making it easier to hold up more weight. It also provides the mechanical strength to the plant to help it in extreme heat and cold swings, salt builds up in soils or increased TDS in water. As the plant increases the silicon levels, it increases nutrient uptake and distribution, and increased concentration of chlorophyll and RUBP carboxylase in leaves (a.k.a. the Calvin cycle). Moreover, Silicon shield within leaf cuticle prevents penetration of fungal pathogens and acts as a physical barrier against penetration of fungal attacks from powdery mildew, black spots, Pythium, Phytophthora etc.


The strengthening of epidermal cells in leaves and stems. Confers non-lodging.

It forms a silica shield around the plant and protects the plant from inside out.

It helps to maintain water balance within the plant by reducing transpiration rate creating good water use efficiency.

It strengthens the plant system so that plant can hold up more weight.

It helps in absorption of nutrients from the soil and their distribution within plant system.

It enhances the rate of photosynthesis due to stronger stems producing more erect leaves which capture more sunlight.

It also increases reproductive rate in plants (Bud growth)

It Increases pest and disease resistance.

It helps to counteract metal toxicity in acidic soil.

It increases shelf life and market value of produce due to lesser water loss in fruits and vegetables.




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