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HSN : 3105
Power Plant Grow is an Organic Manure for Soil Fertility and Plant Growth which works as a Soil Regulator, Provides Vitamins and Humic Acid.

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Green Planet Grow is a unique liquid organic manure which contains Naturally Occurring Hormones and enzymes increase photosynthesis process thus increase net assimilation of the plant. This product is Eco-friendly and safe to use. Power Plant Grow increases nutritional value, brings uniformity, and improves the taste of farm produce.

It helps to improve the natural fertility and productivity of the soil. There is no residual build up in the soil after using it. It makes the Plants able to withstand frost and high temperatures.

Power Plant Grow is an Organic Plant Growth Simulator derived from natural sources. Green Planet Grow contains essential micro nutrients,  plant growth regulators,  vitamins, amino acids humic acid which stimulates seed germination. It helps in producing healthy seedling as well as bumber yield.

How Power Plant Grow works

It contains plant extract which makes it environmentally friendly and gives it the ability to accelerate growth in plants. Its is proved to be safe for use and also achieved the Universal Acclaim for Safety. It works quite well and responsive for all plant types.

It very impressively increases the yield and also adds benefits to the quality of the farm produce. Green Planet Grow not only enhances the disease resistance in a plant but also increases nutritional value of its produce. The final production ends up to really healthy and good looking.

The best part of Green Planet Grow is that it increases plant vigor to withstand excessive humidity, frost and heat without any residue build up in the soil. Green Planet Grow improves the fertility of the soil naturally which in turn brings uniformity in plant and fruit size.

Benefits of Green Planet Grow

01. Improves Seed Germination.
02. Promotes faster Growth of Plants.
03. Increases Crop Yield.
04. Produces tastier and lasting final produce without any toxic residue.
05. Helps to fulfill nutrient deficiency during plant and fruit development.
06. Helps the roots to penetrate deeper into the soil and absorb more nutrients.
07. Power Plant Grow increases the number of branches, flowers, fruits, pods, bolls and buds in each plant.
08. Enhances the activity of the beneficial soil micro organisms.
09. Helps in developing better root system.
10. Increases soil nutrients uptake.
11. Not only does it improve the fertility of soil but also its texture and organic matter content.
12. C:N ( Carbon to Nitrogen) Ratio is also regularized.
13. Resistance power of the plant is also improved after using Power Plant Grow.


Application of Green Planet Grow on Soil:
1 or 2 liter per acre with any conventional method

Application of Green Planet Grow as Foliage Spray:
Spray 1.5 ml per liter of water

Precautions for Power Plant Grow

Do not mix directly with any chemical.
Store it in a cool and dry place.

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