Green Planet Fruiter, Advanced Bio Stimulator



HSN : 3105

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Powerplant Fruiter is an advanced bio-stimulator formulation based on Homo brassinolides which promotes cell elongation and division in plants. It enhances the fertility of floral organs, helps in fruit set, and enhances berry size in grapes and fruit size in other horticultural crops leading to increasing productivity in grapes and other fruit crops.

Dosage and Spray schedule for Grapes:
– Fruiter to be applied on grape bunches twice.
– First dipping @ 1 ml / L along with GA at 90 to 100% cap fall stage.
– Second dip @ 1 ml / L along with GA, 7 to 10 days after the first dip.

Dosage and Spray schedule for other Fruit crops:
– Fruiter is to be sprayed @100 ml per acre in two split doses.
– First dose @ 50 ml per acre at the time of flowering or full bloom.
– Second dose @ 50 ml per acre 7-10 days after the first spray.

Fruiter is compatible with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and micronutrients commonly used by the farmers. Double can be mixed with most of these common agrochemicals after diluting with water separately.


Improves growth by initiating cell division and cell elongation.

Increases levels of endogenous hormones and enzymes.

Promotes pollen germination, fertilization, fruit set and yield.

Acts synergistically with the gibberellic acid hormone.

Increases beery diameter and size of grapes and in turn the yields also.

Imparts resistance to grape bunches/fruits from stress such as drought and other external injuries due to pests, diseases etc.

Enhances yield along with superior quality.




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