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Do you want to achieve maximum health and performance of poultry? It requires nutritionally balanced diets which are luckily possible. Yes, you heard us right, Green Planet Chick to Hen is the solution.

Poultry requires all known vitamins. Minerals are also important to the health and well-being of poultry. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can produce numerous health problems for chickens mostly decreased egg production, weakness, Thin-shelled eggs, blood clotting, loss of appetite, Bowed legs, weakness etc.

In addition to diet and to prevent nutritional deficiencies, Green Planet presents a fantastic feed supplement named Chick to Hen. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development, for quality weight gain and muscle development of poultry animals.

Key benefits of vitamins and minerals present in Green Planet Chick to Hen

1. Lysine
Helps to improve breast meat weight and mortality rate.

2. Calcium and phosphorous
Improved eggshell quality and bone strength.

3. Potassium, sodium, and Chlorine
Useful for acid-base equilibrium and electrolyte balance for normal body function.

4. Magnesium
Has an essential function in cellular metabolism and bone development.

5. Zinc
For bone and feather development.

6. Iron and copper
For oxygen transportation in an animal cell.

7. Iodine
Prevents the formation of a goiter.

9. Manganese
Helps in proper hatching.

10. Selenium
Helps in healthy skin and prevents the formation of diathesis.

11. Vitamins A
Luckily, Vitamin A improves body growth and egg productions.

12. Vitamins D3
Formation of thick Eggshells and balances calcium and phosphorus and ratio in the body.

13. Vitamin E
Prevents the development of crazy chick disease.

14. Vitamin K
Formation of the clot and healing of the injured area.

15. Vitamin B Complex
Healthy digestion, proper growth, egg production and overall healthy body metabolism.

16. Choline Chloride
Fantastically, chlorine chloride is a common supplement for weight gain in poultry.

Benefits of Green Planet Chick to Hen
1. Improves appetite
2. Improve Quality egg production
3. Helps to improve weight gain of poultry animal
4. Moreover, a healthy body helps in improving metabolism

How to Use Green Planet Chick to Hen
To be given with drinking water generally.
Chicks: 10ml per day
Grower and Boilers: 20ml per day
Layers: 40ml per day

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