Faalsa Wild Forest Honey

Faalsa Wild Forest Honey is 100% Pure, Raw, Wild and Natural Forest Honey produced by Forest Bee. It is collected by ExpertForest Honey Collectors. Our Wild Honey is Manually Strained and Unfiltered. It retains natural pollen , enzymes , flavour and aroma.

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Buy this product to earn 79-237 Points.
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Faalsa’s wild forest honey is 100% Raw and Pure without added sugar , preservatives . It comes from the hives of the Giant Honey Bee or Apis Dorsata. They mainly build their hives far off the ground on tall tropical trees and under cliff overhangs. These hives are situated in deep dense forests and villages nearest to various forests. It is gathered by traditional or licensed honey hunting tribes and village people of India’s Forest Lands, following their old traditions. It is raw, untreated, unheated and unfiltered. Any accumulated particles on the surface are a result of the traditional gathering process. It’s safe to eat. We don’t just claim to be 100% pure. We lab test every batch of our honey, to have scientific evidence of purity. Store at room temperature. If honey crystallizes, place the bottle in sunlight or warm water to liquefy it.

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5 reviews for Faalsa Wild Forest Honey

  1. alhan96

    Faalsa’s Wild Forest Honey 🍯

    Extremely beneficial and 👌authentic product with a wonderful taste 😋 that you would 😍 love packed right for you.

    Checkout the quality of this honey and there you say :

    ” Wooaah , awesome product with quality nowhere else we can get , highly recommended for family and friends ”

    It is pure wild forest honey collected by deserving 🦸 honey collectors and and village people.

    Contains 💯 percent honey and ☘️ all natural pollen , enzymes , flavours and aroma.

  2. Ayush Verma

    Since ancient times, honey 🍯 has been used as both a 🥣 food and a medicine 💊

    Here are the top 10 ✔️ health benefits of honey.

    Watch their video on instagram or facebook.

    Make sure to choose a high-quality brand, because some lower-quality ones may be mixed with syrup.

    Faalsa’s Wild Forest Honey

    Manually Strained & unfiltered

    Pure wild forest honey collected by deserving 🦸 honey collectors & village people

    Contains 💯 percent honey ☘️ all natural pollen , enzymes , flavours & aroma

  3. Vandita Kapoor

    I tried so many brands for Honey. Some claim about pure honey and some claim about best price, i can say that this is definitely genuine and pure honey. Unlike other commercial brands.
    This honey however has a more authentic taste with natural sweetness similar to other pure honey I’ve consumed. Also it was proved when I put it in water.
    We can use it

    – With luke warm water every morning

    – Can be consumed directly

    – Can be consumed as a sugar substitute in Tea / Coffee

    – As a sugar substitute in milk shake / on bread / chappati

    – With medicines

    Health Benefits of Shamesh Honey
    ✓ Healthy Way of Weight Management
    ✓Natural Source of Energy
    ✓Building up Immunity
    ✓Remedy to Cough & Cold
    ✓Improves Digestion
    Many more benifts with pure honey.

  4. Rahul Palangi

    Actually, I was looking for a pure, unprocessed, unheated and 100% raw honey. We all know that, consuming one or two spoons of raw honey in the early morning is very good for health and it also helps in brightening your skin.
    Coming to this product review,
    🔹 It’s Pure, Unheated and Unprocessed honey.
    🔹 Tastes yummy – It’s like a treat for taste buds and almost similar to the well known top brands.
    🔹 Working good on my skin, it makes my skin glow while using it with face packs and retains moisture in the skin.
    🔹 It reduced my digestive disorders by consuming it regularly.
    🔹 Many more benifits like it is used as antioxidant, gives us many vitamins and minerals.

    // Final Verdict //
    Initially I’m bit hesitated to buy this, after getting it delivered all my doubts have been clarified and It is pure and working exactly same like a pure one and cheap in price too. I will definitely buy more in the future.

  5. Tanmay Dash

    100% Organic Honey! No doubt, it’s yummy and excellent product to consume.
    I can trust this brand forever and would recommend everyone out there to use this once.
    It’s light and tasty! Musy try.

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