Moringo Nutramatrix Plus, Can we buy it Online in India ?

Today’s Scenario around us and Moringo Nutramatrix Plus or Moringo Nutramatrix+

Hello, readers today I am too excited to bring to you the product launched in India by Moringo Organics Private Limited.
Yes, you heard that right! We are talking about Moringo Nutramatrix Plus or Moringo Nutramatrix+.

Moringo Organics private limited has its head office in Bangalore and its branch office in Kolkata.

Moringo Organics also has its office in New York and it is registered as Moringo Organics Incorporation in New York and they deal with the same Moringo Nutramatrix Plus there too.

To understand about Moringo Nutramatrix Plus or Moringo Nutramatrix+ we first have to look around us. We have to look into the environment and we also have to look at the health issues and the lives of the people around us.

You know that according to science and Biology our body must live up to 120 years, but do we live that long?

As per the data, we can see that all our ancestors had a life of 80 to 100 years free of diseases and serious health issues.

The generation right after these people had a lifespan of around 65 to 55 years. You know that with a life so small they also had at least one health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or joint pain.

But the present generation is suffering from serious health issues from a very young age that begins as early as around 18 to 20 years.

Some common problems faced by these youngsters today is hair fall, breathing trouble, lack of stamina, loss of appetite and more.

Surprisingly, the body which we are having today has exactly the same components as of our ancestors. Still, we are having greater health issues as compared to them.

Do you really want to know what is the reason behind this?
Yes, you are correct it is all because of the food which we are eating.

The food which they used to eat was totally healthy but the food which we are eating nowadays are mostly adulterated and there is no nutritional value left in it. Instead of repairing our system it is destroying it which is why we are facing trouble with our health.

The main cause of this trouble which we are facing with our health in today’s date is because most of us don’t even know what we need and what our water body requirement is and what should we eat to fulfil them.

Generally, we read from books, watch some videos on YouTube or read some articles or blog posts on the Internet and we come to know that we need to eat a particular food for a particular type of Nutrition, vitamin or mineral. So is knowing the right food for the right nutrition sufficient?
Are we really getting the maximum nutrition out of the food product that we are eating for the requirement of a body?
The answer is obviously a big ” no.”
The food which we are consuming assuming that it is healthy is not at all so. It is either adulterated or it has some kind of a preservative.

In the current Era, due to extensive use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in the farmlands and agricultural lands, plants and trees have completely destroyed the food chain.
The human body is no more capable of absorbing DID nutrition from the food nor the food itself is having the nutrition which it should have.

Ultimately I can say that we are not eating food according to the requirement of the body. We simply eat to fill our stomach and to avoid hunger pangs.

We, humans, are more concerned with the taste of the food rather than its nutritional value.

We are spending a huge amount of money on junk food thinking that they are really doing some good job inside our body but it is not. It is just filling up our stomach and suppressing our hunger.

This is the true cause of the illness in today’s date. Humans are facing these health troubles and ultimately they are ending up taking medicines specified for a particular disease instead of getting into its root cause.

As per the research was done in the year 1945 – 1950 by doctor Linus Pauling we discover that the health issues that we face totally depends on the cells present in our body.
The cells actually make up our body. They are the basic unit of life and it is the cells on which a body’s health mostly depends. Moreover, these cells are not less in number. There are around 60 lakh crore cells in the human body and these cells are of three different types- soft cells for the skin, hard cells that attribute to the bones and liquid cells which is prevalent in the blood.

It is a commonly known fact that these 16 lakh crore cells in the human body also need food for their existence and their food is nutrition and oxygen which we are not providing them with.
For this massive research doctor, Linus Pauling was felicitated with a Nobel Prize in 1955.

So we have to look whether we are getting the required nutrition and the required oxygen that the cells need the food and are we detoxifying our body which is essentially required on a daily basis.

Keeping these points in mind the researchers of Moringo Organics Private Limited has launched its medical product and luckily it is also available in India.

Moringo Organics Private Limited has formulated this product with the combination of 15 herbs.

These herbs can provide all sorts of nutrition, minerals, protein, iron, detoxification and oxidation of the body.

So now since we see that with the help of this product we can solve all these health issues and we are good to go just by eating it. But there might be a second thought or a negative thought in our minds, we might ask whether this product is really this good or does it really have these beneficial 15 Herbs?

To counter the second thought we will take a look at the Orac value. Orac value determines the performance of a product and this Moringo Nutramatrix plus or Moringo Nutramatrix+ has an Orac value of 22 Lacs.

Even if we believe that this product has an Orac value of 22000 and this can work wonders in those diseases it can cure them or even prevent them then we might come with another thought that whether this product is safe? Or whether it is harmful to the health? Or does it have any kind of side effect?

So whenever we come across a product which is having a side effect it might be having some kind of a heavy metal as an ingredient in it.

There are 4 heavy metals that can be a reason for a side effect in any product. Lead, Mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.

So here the company guarantees that it is not having the above 4 heavy metals in its product and to prove they are also having a certificate which you can find in the image below which clearly shows that it is safe and free from these heavy metals.

Finally, we can sum up that this product gives 200 different nutrients 19 amino acids 52 antioxidants 84 trace minerals 13 essential minerals 3 fatty acid and 42 in anti-inflammatory.

So after going through these benefits from the use of this product, we come to the conclusion that it is more important for us to consume this product than for the company to promote the same.

Moringo Nutramatrix Plus a Revolutionary product

Yielded from the constraint for a premium-quality and uniquely improved health product, Moringo Organics provides to your desire for health and wellness with Moringo Nutramatrix Plus. At Moringo Organics the researchers are mixing ancient herbs with contemporary science to reveal the discovery of great products just like the Moringo Nutramatrix Plus.

Healing power of Moringo Nutramatrix

The company takes adaptive measures to drive itself as a leader in the health and nutrition commerce. Simply by forming a blend of natural elements and branding it as a blend of a research work and a nack within the health commodity department. Moringo Organics has created notable products that certainly meets positive standards and contains eminent levels of healing power.

Ingredients are the major concern

From raw substance to polished product, the ingredients, methods, and manufacturing bear austere and regular internal administration. Moringo Organics posses a trend to meet certain guidelines towards the devotion for quality.

The raw materials used are subjected to a remarkably accurate selection process. The company has an aim to use the leading and absolute path of regulated herb extracts, work with unique liquid extraction technology and systematic flavouring extracts to attain the bioactive tag and preserve the entire spectrum of flavouring ingredients.

Get Ready To Enjoy The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

In addition to enhancing the overall health of our clients, Moringo Organics is also dedicated to enhancing your financial health. Building on the visionaries who have come before us, we have adapted their business model to market our breakthrough nutraceutical formulae with an unmatched compensation strategy. Tremendous financial benefits are available with our direct selling approach.


Moringo Nutramatrix Plus or Moringo Nutramatrix+ is a product that provides final nutrition to allow your body specifically what it must thrive throughout the day and throughout your life. Made from natural ingredients Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories & Phytonutrients. It works synergistically to produce you with complete nutrition and optimum health.


The perfect mix of 2 most powerful ancient herbs (Moringa Oleifera & Oregano Vulgare). Moringa Oleifera, a utile tree (Tree of life) native to the foothills of the range. The Moringa tree was extremely valued by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as early as 2000 BC for its healthful properties. The oral tradition of Ayurvedic medication declared that Moringa Oleifera will stop quite three hundred diseases. Oregano Vulgare could be a member of the family Labiatae and native to the Mediterranean region The name oregano comes from the Greek Oros Ganos, which suggests “joy of the mountains”. A medical practitioner, the daddy of medication, used Oregano as Associate in Nursing antiseptic moreover as a cure for abdomen and metastasis ailments. Oregano is taken into account by most biblical authorities to be one of all the plants brought up within the Bible as hyssop significantly within the testament passages.


By formulating a mixture of natural ingredients employing a mixture of a research project and our expertise within the health merchandise field, we’ve got created a distinctive product that square measure additional comprehensive and contain higher levels of therapeutic price. developed to produce multiple health edges. From “Seed to Shelf,” Moringo organics guarantee purity, potency, safety, and accessibility in our flavouring extracts by following standards and tips set forth by the WHO, CGMP, Department of Agriculture and National Science Foundation.

Nourishes Body’s system
Helps the cell to nourish and facilitate cleanse toxins out
Triggers Metabolism
High in inhibitor activity
Promotes Mental and emotional balance
Good for viscus health and area unit known to spice up healthy arteries and heart by enhancing blood circulation and preventing steroid alcohol buildup
Protects from nerve injury, restore, construct nervous tissue
Supports traditional glucose Levels

Company Details
Moringo Organics Inc
80 Orville Dr, Suite 100.
Bohemia, New York – 11716.

Moringo Organics Pvt. Ltd.
No.90/66, 2nd Floor,
Gandhi Bazaar Main Road.
Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560004.
Next to Cafe Coffee Day shop.
Near to HSBC Bank and Mc.Donalds.

Manufactured by
Sanociti Therapeutics Inc
Unit – 1, Near Kali Mata Mandir,
Village, Anji, Shamti, District – Solan.
Himachal Pradesh – 173212.

Registration Details
CIN : U51109KA2012PTC063338
Registration Number: 63338
Date of Incorporation: 30th March 2012

Board of Directors
DIN: 06686470
( He is also the director of the company called ‘LIFEPHARM HEALTH PRIVATE LIMITED’ )

DIN: 03270912

DIN: 06979428

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