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9 Magical Minerals to Cure Chronic Diseases

With so much knowledge scattering out there about minerals, it can be daring to be sure you’re getting the minerals you require every day. In reality, with some references listing as many as 90 magical minerals and nutrients, following a well-balanced regime can instantly become remarkable. Fortunately, these 9 magical minerals can even cure chronic […]

19 Incredible Mineral Nutrients for Balanced Health (2018)

19 Incredible Mineral Nutrients for Balanced Health

1 . Calcium Although the most abundant mineral nutrient in a human body is calcium, a majority of adults do not get even half the required amount they actually need every day. We all know a wide array of calcium-rich food can easily resolve this issue, but you can always prevent a deficiency by taking […]

Cow Colostrum, what it is and it’s benefits and uses (Gau Peeyush 2018)

Cow Colostrum Gau Peeyush

What is Cow Colostrum or Gau Peeyush really? Colostrum is the pre-milk substance produced from all mammals at birth. True cow colostrum is the pre-milk in the udder when the calf is born. True cow colostrum can be collected during the first milking within 16 hours after birth. After this, it becomes transitional milk and after […]