Bengal gram is more effective than almonds during winters (2018)

Bengal gram vs almond

Do you know that Bengal gram is more effective than Badam during winters?

If you consume Bengal gram during winters then you get immense benefits from it.

If you consume approximately 50 grams of Bengal gram daily during the winter season then it is extremely beneficial for your body and very essential for human health.

In Ayurveda, it is believed that channel and its dal consumption during the winter season keeps us healthy.

Bengal gram helps us eradicate many of the diseases which are widespread these days.

Bengal gram contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calcium, vitamins, and fiber.

Do you know that what we refer to Bengal gram in India is actually known as ‘badam’ for the poor because they are less expensive in the market and at the same time it is at par with the benefits of badam.

But this Bengal gram of little worth has the power to cure severe diseases.
Keeping Bengal gram in your diet is a must if you are beauty conscious, willing to enhance your memory or trying to lose weight since a very long time.
Consume Bengal gram if the following is your concern.

Eat Bengal gram during breakfast daily if you want to get rid of obesity.

Keeping sprouted gram in your diet may also help you cure chronic diseases.

‘Sattu’ (roasted gram flour) is the best source of nutrition during pregnancy especially when the mother is undergoing a lot of vomiting.

Bengal gram is very useful for brain and stomach as it enhances memory and improves digestion respectively.

Bengal gram works wonders in the purification of blood which in turn gives a glow to your skin.

Boiled Bengal gram halwa during winter can prevent asthma.

Overnight soaked Bengal gram with little honey is quite an efficient way to relieve yourself from mental stress.

Boil approximately 50 gram of Bengal gram and smash it. Prepare it every day and consume this for 30 days.

Bengal gram flour consumption for 40 days helps in preventing and curing diseases related to the skin such as itching, rashes, skin problems, acne, pimple.

Health issues related to trachea and lungs such as a cough and cold, breathing trouble, asthma can be cured by simply chewing baked Chana with lukewarm milk during bedtime.

25 grams black gram soaked overnight is a boon for the diabetic patient if consumed in an empty stomach before breakfast, and Roti made of Jowar and Bengal gram in equal proportion added to it will give wonderful results.

Soak clean and washed Bengal gram overnight in drinking water, in the morning take the Bengal gram out of the water, add a little honey to the water and drink that water before breakfast. This will help you come out of impotency that may have occurred due to any reason.

If you are too frustrated due to hiccups in winter then inhaling the smoke of dried Bengal gram leaves is the best solution.

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