10 Awesome Ways to Living Better and Happy Life (2018)

10 Ways to Living Better and Happy Life

Hello, readers be prepared to get to know 10 Awesome Ways to Living Better and Happy Life to stay healthy and younger by changing your lifestyle. Just try for only 30 days and see miracles, in your life. Your body is about 70% water, muscles are about 75% water, blood is about 82% water and your brain cells are about 85% water, therefore drink as much water as you can up to 3-5 liters per day. According to medical experts, a good night sleep for 7 to 9 Sleep is very important because it is vital for your immune system and overall for your health. It also slows down the aging process. These hours help restore, repair and rejuvenate your body.


There is two kind of foods

  1. Living Food
  2. Dead Food


“Dead Food” make you disease prone, make you overweight will cause diabetes, cardiovascular disease arthritis and all kind of degenerative diseases. In nutshell, it reduces your lifespan.

Example of  Dead Food.

  1. Junk food / stored food/ meat
  2. White salt, sugar, white flour (filtered)
  3. Cold drinks
  4. Bad oils


On the other hand ” living food” will protect your body from cancer, heart disease, all degenerative diseases, and obesity. They will sharpen your mind, energize you and reduces your aging process.

Example of Living Food.

  1. Fresh Fruits/ Fresh Fruit Juices
  2. Vegetables/ Salad
  3. Legumes including Soya
  4. Milk and Milk products
  5. Whole Grain bread/ Chapati
  6. Good oils Like Pure Mustard Oil


Research also says that people who restrict their diet and calories intake live longer. More than 2000 studies support the fact that a low calorie, optimal and balanced nutrition diet can extend your life By 30% to 50%.


A British research says that just exercising for 30 minutes/day you could reduce the probability of developing stress, neuromuscular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, bone diseases, intestinal diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and even cancer diseases, up to 1/20th times as compared to a person who did not exercise at all.


10 Awesome Ways to Living Better and Happy Life

  1. Sleep early and get up early
  2. Eat less and work more
  3. Meditate/relax daily for 10-15 minutes
  4. Do regular breathing exercises for 10-15 minutes
  5. Make goals I in your life
  6. Live balanced life i.e. gives time to friends. Family, Fitness, Finance & Fun
  7. Listen positive, think positive & do positive in the life
  8. Do something for Needy People and Nature
  9. Prevention is better than cure: according to Community Medicine (PSM)
  10. Drink, 9e5 Premium Health Drink, Combination of 13 Berries, keep your immunity boost up and be healthy for a lifetime.

Also, do remember that Health is wealth

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